Truth be told I don’t do a lot of consulting, but I consider every request.

All aspects of SEO from the nitty gritty of on-page optimisation to organising the best offsite strategies from link baiting to good old fashioned link grunt. From the uber clean links to the slightly risky options if your website is suitable.

Technical Reviews of Web Presence
From picking a website to bits in terms of duplicate content and website architecture to looking at other business issues like DR and backup strategy.

Long Term Strategy
Search engine ranking methods change over time so it is essential that only techniques are recommended that the search engines won’t see as spam in the future. Also looking for the next long term sensible options for SEO and SEM.

Personal Web Shopping
Imagine having someone to oversee and look for problems in your online business, from looking for website flaws that could kill your website in the eyes of Google to the best way of trialling a market place with a cheap blog based CMS site with the view to moving onto the bespoke option later to making sure you actually own the domain your web developer sorted out for you. This Personal Web Shopping service is essentially a way of avoiding getting turned over!

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