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Election Tip: Never Queue Again

If like me you hate queues and have zero patience and you want to avoid standing around like a muppet as the local council have not employed enough people then register for a postal vote. You don’t actually have to

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Slutty Google Serps

Came by thise recently from a good mate PaulH Just in case it disappears as I am sure it will sreenshot below:

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When Menus Go Bad

I was eating out in Enfield, or somewhere near there and found the most unusual constituent of a recipe. I had to steal it to show it online. Please remember this is an actual menu in an English speaking country.

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Your Strangest Referral String

OK, we all check our logs, but just out of interest and for a laugh what is your strangest actual referral string in recent times. Found one in passing today that got me thinking: When did birdseye change the name

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Debris Flash Game

A good friend of mine is a mobile phone and flash game developer. He showed me his latest one and I said I would post a link to it especially since it amused me so (sad like that I am).

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