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Google Referral String VED Data

A SEOMOZ presentation show some nifty data that you can use to identify referring clicks from Google and setting up advanced segments to filter this data. Check it out, go to slide 50

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Google Blocking ALL questionable content…or big fuck up?

Whilst checking over some questionable sites of mine earlier I found that Google were not allowing me to get to them, coupled with a nice server error that stopped me actually choosing to get the site. Take a look: Dogging

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Google Should Embrace Web Standards and Improve the World

I have always bleated on about website standards and how accessibility can and should be incorporated in any SEO programme. It stands to reason that you will have to do some on page SEO, therefore why not do the accessibility

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Domainers Lose $Millions

I know a few domainers and I know more than a few serious SEO’s. One or two of those SEO’s cross over into the domain world and do something about it. Far too often people with amazing domains park them

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SEO Reading List

I have had a few projects that have taken me away from the SEO world more that I would have liked. I am getting those finished off and I have some great plans starting to unfold. Many of which I

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13 SEO Footprints to Avoid

Lots of people go on about footprints and how to avoid them, well there are oodles of things that the bad people (Google) can do to find your sites, which you may or may not be linking together in a

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What do you do when search revolution happens?

I was speaking with DaveN earlier about his trip to and the way things seem to be moving. Moving away from a link based algo and into something all the more personalised. Link based algo’s have been with us

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Catch All that Traffic with Extra DNS

OK, I have been uber busy on a few projects of late, some offline as well as online but I had a meeting the other day and said something that I thought was obvious but few people actually do it.

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New SEO Meeting Forum From SEO Circuit

This has been lacking for some time, but the old timer 4eyes has had a hand in the setting up of a forum specifically aimed at meetings and SEO type events. Before long this will be the place to suggest

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SEO Myths

I was reading Joost’s blog over the weekend and he was talking about Wiep’s post about Google SEO Mythbusting and I could not help but think about what my PhD supervisor used to give people grief about….statistically sound sampling. Well

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