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Tired of Getting Stiffed By Groupon

If you are a local business and have ever used Groupon or similar are you tired of paying vast amounts to them, then maybe you need to try the new local deals service from It’s currently in trial but

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Keeping Your Investors Happy for Startups

It’s likely that your early stage investors gave you money when all you could afford was pizza and diet coke. You need to keep these people happy, even if you think you are going to be going to one of

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SEO For Startups

In your startup, if your main marketing or user acquisition is based around SEO, stop NOW. SEO is volatile and hard. I have been doing since before google existed and I look for other method of growth if I can.

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Second London VC / Angel / Startup Event May 2013

The 29th of May 2013 saw a rather good group of people come together to talk rubbish as Doug Scott would say. Organised by Doug which explains the party hats and hosted by Fede of Playfair Capital in the rather

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