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Rules of Life as an Engineer

Way way back in 1994, I used to contact mining industry people on the USENET, it was almost the begging of time and it was cool. Anyway, this bloke I used to discuss things with sent me his “laws” of

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Securing WordPress Installation

Whilst this might be like sticking my head above the parapet and asking for trouble there are some simple steps that you can take to make it harder for your WordPress installation to get hacked. 1. Lock down your wp-admin

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Asshat SEOs Email and Form Spamming

I find myself get lots of what can only be described as asshole SEO’s who are basically preying on the the uneducated. A lot of them come from webforms also. Here is one of many examples: Name: BeckyJack Country:USA

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Your Sales Letter Sucks

When I type on here it is sometime with haste and quite often with a lack of precision, much to my girlfriend’s annoyance ( I am sure I got that apostrophe wrong). My failures are inconsequential compared to an actual

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Business Ideas and Inspiration

I don’t have a lot of time on my hands with all the is going on my end, but I still love to look for new ideas and inspiration…..even if 99% of the time I do FA with the idea.

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Wheel Of Life

Ok some may think this is a bit gay, but to them thar nay sayers.. I say “bollocks”. The wheel of life was described to me last week and that same day I went to the pub (great excuse 🙂

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Follow Me on #hitter or is it Twitter?

I really dont get this one. Now it has become a test of will, to never sign in again: Twitter/#hitter

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Gray Wolf Talking Poo?

I had a post all lined up to talk about “calling people out”, which was inspired by The Wolf, re Seth Godin, but I have scratched that in favour of actually calling someone out. As the title of this post

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Dougs Mouthpiece

Some of you will know DougS (real name Doug Scott). If you dont he is a loud, brash, Geordi who is quite successful and I class him as a good mate. If he can get past the boredom his blog

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Gambling SEO Job in Spain

If any of you young un’s fancy getting some good experience and working with some top bloke then take a look at this job: SEO Job Spain Make no mistake, the two guys you work with will take the piss

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