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WordPress Failing as Real CMS?

Until wordpress can sort out the way they deal with categories they will never be able to handle the sort of sites people really need. The way categories are handled is fine if you only have a few. But if

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101 Easy Ways to use Google’s New Website Optimizer

I happen to know the people behind this website and they really know their stuff when it comes to user testing. I know some people at the SEO Roadshow met them in Copenhagen. Well they are passing on some good

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Conducting Focus Groups

Sidenote : Please note I know about the funky formatting problems. I have to fix them. ukgimp. If you are interested in usability and the users perception of your website you can do a lot worse that start to initiate

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What the Hell is Wrong with WordPress

Just a quick one. Spent more time tryng to fomat that last frigging post than actually taking the screen shots and writing the bastard thing! What is going on with word press when it insists on inserting multiple strong tags?

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Dell and their Random Prices

I know Dell get a lot of stick for their customer service and a load of other stuff. I must admit I like Dell and I have always had good support from them, but I do have a bugbear with

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Force a Customer to Login – Lose a sale?

Why oh why do people insist on making you login to a site to make a purchase? Well if that is not bad enough I came across a site that makes you sign up and login just to view the

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Useless Helpdesks

OK, not strictly a web usability issue but kind of related in a little way and will make me feel better when I offload the issue. To cut a long story short, I needed a German IP for hosting, so

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