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Tired of Getting Stiffed By Groupon

If you are a local business and have ever used Groupon or similar are you tired of paying vast amounts to them, then maybe you need to try the new local deals service from It’s currently in trial but

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Update WordPress Automatically Without FTP

I discovered something magical today, how to update WordPress from within the Admin if you don’t have FTP enabled. This means you can 1-click and update without having FTP enabled! The same applies to the plugins too. All you have

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How to Turn Off Twitter’s New Photo Preview Feature

In their infinite wisdom, or rather to prepare for greater ad revenue twitter have started showing inline images in your feed. I follow some questionable people and the last thing I wish to have in on my screen or phone

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God Mode in Win7 – You too can be Omnipotent

God mode

If you fancy being omnipotent when in comes to your install of window 7 there is an option called “God Mode”. It as bit OTT to call it that, but it does have some nice features. To get GodMode, right

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Bulk DNS Update on 123 reg

Well almost. If like me and you have ever been a muppet and not updated loads of DNS’s and a server has moved then you need to quickly update a shed load load of IP’s on the woefully slow 123-reg

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Securing WordPress Installation

Whilst this might be like sticking my head above the parapet and asking for trouble there are some simple steps that you can take to make it harder for your WordPress installation to get hacked. 1. Lock down your wp-admin

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Your Sales Letter Sucks

When I type on here it is sometime with haste and quite often with a lack of precision, much to my girlfriend’s annoyance ( I am sure I got that apostrophe wrong). My failures are inconsequential compared to an actual

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Tips When Engaging Web Developers and Other Procedures

Code Commenting All code should have more commenting within it than actually needed.  Some coders will moan but screw them. You need to be able to get other people to be able to understand the workings of whatever you have

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WordPress Failing as Real CMS?

Until wordpress can sort out the way they deal with categories they will never be able to handle the sort of sites people really need. The way categories are handled is fine if you only have a few. But if

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Mark All Emails as Read in Gmail

I use a Gmail a lot and quite often I send myself lots of information as it makes a nice central storage point for wherever I will be. It can be quite annoying though when you have loads of unread

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