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Recycling in the US – Research

Americans! Do you recycle stuff? Do you take stuff to to thrift stores? If you do, do you get the tax rebates? If you don’t personally, what do you think is the general feeling of recycling in the US? Do

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Slutty Google Serps

Came by thise recently from a good mate PaulH Just in case it disappears as I am sure it will sreenshot below:

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First Search Consultancy Silence ukgimp

It is with regret that I have had to remove a post that I made about First Search Consultancy who cold called me and I wrote about what was said to me, quite a bit of which was incorrect and

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JasonD’s New Blog – Jason’s Shell

Well I am sure you all know JasonD or have seen him about, if not check out an interview I did with him a while back ….JasonD Interview. Anyway Jason now has a blog of sorts. Weird mental colours and

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Method for detecting link spam in hyperlinked databases Google Patent Analysis

Oh, happy day, Google have been granted a patent on web link spam.  Right, Bill may say it better, and may even look over the maths, but in very rough terms, I think the patent says this : A site

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Martin Schaedel Dies – Sad News

Those of you who have been around for a while will likely remember Martin Schaedel, aka lazerzubb. Sad news, is that he died in a plane crash. The dude was ahead of his years, he was a bit of a

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Google Showing Athens 2004 Medal Tally

Medal Tally Olympics For me at this time there are some “news” results in #1 and #2 is 2. Full Medal Tally. Results. Athens Olympics 2004. ABC Sport. Medal Tally Live Results from the Athens Olympics. ABC Sport. –

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Man Sues Over Fake Facebook Profile

A company boss whose personal details were put on Facebook under a fake entry has begun a landmark claim for damages. A false profile of Mathew Firsht was entered on the social networking website with his name and date of

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Ebay Fined For Allowing Fake Goods

About time really. I don’t trust anyone on there. It is definitely “buyer beware”. But then if you really think you can get a Luis Vuitton bag for £3 you are a bit of a muppet anyway. Ebay Fined £30M

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Red Bull Sucks Ruling – The Bull Wins

Red Bull win the battle over and make Carl Gamel have to hand it over to them. This is an interesting result especially in the hotting up sector of reputation management. “Thus, the Panel concludes that a domain name

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