Bulk DNS Update on 123 reg

Well almost.

If like me and you have ever been a muppet and not updated loads of DNS’s and a server has moved then you need to quickly update a shed load load of IP’s on the woefully slow 123-reg then I have found a reasonable solution.

Once you have logged into the control panel of 123 reg and gone into the first domain you wish to change you will see the URL as something like:


Well, instead of clicking back and forwards and using the drop down simply edit  the URL:


Then just paste the new IP, wait for update then, edit the URL, much quicker.

I am sure this could be done with a script also, but alas this was the quickest way I could do it. I dont thinnk this would be as efficient with locked domains either.

PS I did try entering other peoples domains :-).  They have that one covered hehe