Christ Not Another Search Blog!

Well hopefully this can be made to be a little different, different in that I am going to make the focus interview type sessions with prominent people in the search world. I have a few in the offing already so watch this space.

Another avenue I am going to pursue here at some point will be usability, I always find myself thinking “what ignoramus designed the processes on this site, they are shite”. So as I travel around the web and come across something I reckon I could do better I will make a note and hopefully put the details up here. A glorified moaning spot really.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I have planned, if not there is always SEO Blogs List



20 Comments on “Christ Not Another Search Blog!

  1. ahh NFFC, good to see you. The logo comes courtesty of Martin at Bronco Ltd, so thanks to Martin and Bronco for their help. The brief was something cartoony but without the sleaze, I think you will agree a job well done.

    As to moaning, yep, looking forward to that and I am sure that I can count on you to put me in my place should I need to be re-placed. 🙂

    Becky, nope, that not be swearing, that’s just what people could well be thinking. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Lovely logo!!

    I aint sure about it being a cartoon, as it looks a dead spit of you Gimpy IMO!

  3. It’s the rolling eyes that do it for me…especially when you get the gimp to go cross-eyed

  4. Wow – your site is purrrty 🙂
    Now I will think of that damn logo when people mention you.

  5. any logo that has my attention for that long has to be great.
    (If you right click you can lock the dude in cross eyed)

    I’d love to see you defend that copyright logo in front of a judge claiming to own the intellectual rights as the legal entity “UKGIMP” 🙂

  6. LOL welcome to the machine, UKGimp 🙂 And Brad too 🙂

    About that logo – now I guess I have to find out what “gimp” means, as it’s obviously not just the Gnu Image Manipulation Program *lol*

    Ah, I see, the graphic *is* a gimp. That’s hilarious – I never knew, but then I’m not English:

    You should make a non-flash version though. You can make it so that a gif/jpg/png shows in stead of the flash if you haven’t got flash.

    Now I only wonder how many clicks away this blog is from a lesbian show – I hear it’s all the rage at the moment, and with that name I bet you could beat the record of two clicks that some other blog had *lol*

  7. claus, as a matter of fact there is a gif image just behind the flash thingie, although I haven’t tested it on a non-flash machine to see if the image is being displayed properly when the flash is disabled.

    anyways, thanks everybody for you opinions on the logo, I appreciate it very much 😉

  8. Martin: It’s not, it’s just saying “click here to get the plugin” – try sticking this inside the object tag, just before the end tag:

    They do it on this page (http.//, just scroll down to “” to see.

  9. Okay that didn’t turn out well – I’ll try escaping the html

    Look for : < div id=”idFelt” > – in source of page mentioned above

    This tag goes inside the object tag:

    < img src=”/path/to/some.gif” alt=”” / >

    Just before the tag < / object >

    Hope it displays this time 🙂