Your Strangest Referral String

OK, we all check our logs, but just out of interest and for a laugh what is your strangest actual referral string in recent times.

Found one in passing today that got me thinking:

When did birdseye change the name of chicken nuggets to dippers?

At the time of writing, this was a #2 spot.

So go on, if you can be bothered tell me your weirdest referrals.



3 comments on “Your Strangest Referral String
  1. JasonD says:

    The funniest one I remember coming across was for an old client.

    “Toby Maguire naked in bulging underpants”

  2. PaulH says:

    With site like “uk gimp” i would have thought you would have far stranger than that.

    This month my blog has had
    “monkey weddings”
    “18 nasty”
    “wive shagging”

    hope they weren’t all from the same person

  3. Charlie says:

    Finally found one. Mine’s a contact lens site so they tend to be a bit boring but I have “contact lens fused on eyeball” – sounds painful.