Google Blocking ALL questionable content…or big fuck up?

Whilst checking over some questionable sites of mine earlier I found that Google were not allowing me to get to them, coupled with a nice server error that stopped me actually choosing to get the site.

Take a look:

Dogging Search, NSFW (it is now as Google don’t allow it :-))

Just in case it gets fixed here are some screen shots:

1. Initial search and warning:

2. Actual Warning

3. Server Error

So it appears that Google no longer like “questionable” stuff. This makes a mockery of Google.

Sort it out!!

3 comments on “Google Blocking ALL questionable content…or big fuck up?
  1. ukgimp says:

    They are blocking almost anything:

    lol, assholes

  2. Dave Burns says:

    Mental, just mental. They must fix this soon, surely?

  3. charlie says:

    wasnt this in the news? G had a bug causing all sites to appear with a harmful warning.