Google Should Embrace Web Standards and Improve the World

I have always bleated on about website standards and how accessibility can and should be incorporated in any SEO programme. It stands to reason that you will have to do some on page SEO, therefore why not do the accessibility at the same time.

Google could flip the whole web for the better simply by including the part that make sites rank well in Google Accessible Search

Why should you give a damn?

Well there are organisations that are taking to the fight to the large corporates , where Target got targeted and the court ruled that:

“The court has ruled that “clicks” as well as “bricks”, are covered by the US Americans Disability Act (ADA) and E- commerce is now a “place of public accommodation”.

Now you may be an SEO for a company as large as Target and I fell that in that role it is your duty to point out potential pit falls of discriminating. If you can’t get it past the committee get it noted on recored becasue someone will get the bullet one day, or if you can do something about it, do it. It is not a fruitless task, a massive proportion accessibility is indeed top level on page SEO. Plus don’t forget you can shout about it.

The point is, and if you have not worked this out yet, when cases of website discrimination get to court you don’t want it to be your bad press and problem. So how about this:

Open dare to Google: I dare you Google to include website accessibility and web standards into the main search algo and publicly say so.

Open dare to SEO’s: I dare you not to do anything about accessibility when Google bring in the algo changes!

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  1. I don’t like the way that Google’s own homepage does not really validate. Sucks!