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Google Street

I have to say that this is rather damn cool. Maybe it is old, but this is very slick Google’s new Street View allows you to walk around the map with pictures to help you familiarise yourself with the surroundings.

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Unusual Adwords Creatives

You have to laugh at this sort of thing.  Some very interesting choice of words on this one, hehe

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Google Checkout and Adwords

Whilst doing a little searching I found and adwords ad on search that had a little eye catching symbol. I reckon that this would increase CTR. What do you reckon? Then I also came across this one

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Ads By Google

I noticed this today. Not sure if it is new. I have seen other instances of it. But not one like this.

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Checklist if your Google rankings have dropped

Whenever anyone asks me to try and find out why their website has dropped in rankings I go through a quick mental checklist to see what may be occurring. This can save loads of time and faffing about as you

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6 Simple Ways to Protect Your Website

There are many things you have to do to protect online assets. These are important things I am referring to, like preventing dupe content and making sure you don’t succumb to a 302 mishap. I was asked the other day

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Or at least they should be, check this out: They do some mental H1 stuffing after a nice redirect. Having real quick peak they have lots of lovely doorway pages and that’s just for starters! Why of why do

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.gov hosting for sale on ebay

On my travels I come across all sorts of stuff. Well imagine my surprise when I saw an ebay auction for hosting on .gov domains. Some brand new web space on a .gov domain name for you to host your

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Google Music – New Search Interface?

OK this may be old news but I spotted something I have not seen before. I was doing a search for something that I noticed and got a little image of a musical note and an indented listing: I followed

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