.gov hosting for sale on ebay

On my travels I come across all sorts of stuff. Well imagine my surprise when I saw an ebay auction for hosting on .gov domains.

Some brand new web space on a .gov domain name for you to host your website.
I understand that if you are a search marketer this has a lot of value.

Want to bid or even just have a look, check it out, only £1000. My thought would be how long it would last.

Gov Hosting

Very sly 🙂

3 Comments on “.gov hosting for sale on ebay

  1. wait, is this for a .gov domain name or just for hosting on a shared server that has OTHER .gov

  2. lol

    look at the twat that is asking what the domain name is. Yeah right!

    Phil, I suspect it will be a folder or subdomain on a gove site. Aint much use beng on the same sever as gov site really.

  3. lol, twat, I love it! Yeah I love their use of a ‘official logo’ from the USA. man o man, so much crap out there. tons of ‘buy a canned site’ stuff on ebay and craigslist. I bet a bunch of noobs get taken on this.