Business Ideas and Inspiration

I don’t have a lot of time on my hands with all the is going on my end, but I still love to look for new ideas and inspiration…..even if 99% of the time I do FA with the idea.

Shane over at Revenue Addict is one to watch for nice ideas and some useful articles and one that caught my eye and is now firmly on my to read list is Springwise: new business ideas for entrepreneurial minds.

Shane also mentions Tim Ferriss, the author of Four Hour Work Week, which I have recently read and am about reread and make heavy notes. Unlike a lot of self help books this one actually gives examples and a guide on how to go about changing your life with lots of tips from outsourcing to actually deciding what you want to do with your life. Tim Ferris has a blog also.

It’s not on all the time but Dragon’s Den here in the UK is a must, to get ideas from the people asking for funding and in many cases things you should never ever do.

Channel 4 has a series The Secret Millionaire which is fantastic at grounding you and seeing what is wrong with the world and in many cases is just outside your front door.

From a property point of view I like some of the programs like Grand Designs, and Property Ladder.

The Apprentice is always worth a laugh, although it surprises me how flaming stupid some of the people are, like the dude who priced fresh lobsters at £4 each and all his team mates who never questioned this, like they had never seen one on a menu in their entire lives!

Finally getting out there and meeting people in similar games even if just on a social level is a must and very inspiring.

2 Comments on “Business Ideas and Inspiration

  1. I agree, I really love Dragons Den and the Secret Millionaire, both are good in their own way.

    Thanks for pointing out Tim Ferris.

    Also have you read Anthony Robbins – awaiken the giant

  2. Funny you should say that, I am trying out the Anthony Robbins book. Seems ok to start with, a lot about attitude.