SEO Roadshow Limerick 2008

After a quick reconnaissance earlier in the year by Me, Paul and Colin, which was really an excuse to get pissed up in Ireland we decided to leave the main arrangements to Colin to sort, as he is so damn good at that sort of malarky. And sort he did, cheers Col!

All sorts oh Herbert’s attended, from Fatty, NFFC, The Squirrel Boys, lots of great people from the US, including Perk and Vsloath and many more.

The Usual Suspects
The Usual Suspects braving the daylight

Well it was another good SEO Roadshow turn out, with people who made made the trip across the pond and from various European countries.

Over the course of the weekend we have up to 45(or maybe more) people eating, drinking, talking SEO, bollocks and a whole host of other things

More SEO Roadshow Pictures (not that many though :-))

Cheers to all those that attended and Colin for doing the arrangements

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