Domainers Lose $Millions

I know a few domainers and I know more than a few serious SEO’s. One or two of those SEO’s cross over into the domain world and do something about it. Far too often people with amazing domains park them on services like SEDO which means there is no upward progress of the domain. What I mean by that is that they do not age in Google or get extra links and therefore increase its value.

It has long been known that a Google aged domain with some traffic (not just type ins) will be worth more that one just sitting there with a crap parking page. So why do all these people not put a real site on them. I am not talking about building a massive online social networking site I am talking about at least 1 decent textural holding page.

Ask yourself this did sell for £560K because of the name alone? You damn right it didn’t, it was because of the name the business connection, the userbase and probably the SEO status of the page. A mate of mine bought not long ago for many reasons not just the name I promise you.

You have two simple scenarios as I see it.

1. Spent as shit load on a domain and then leave it with a rubbish landing page and maybe oneday someone will come along and offer you that killer price because they want the domain. Also you will likely earn some revenue from type ins and a dodgy landing page.
2. Spend a shit load on a domain and put some content on, links will come your way slowly as it is likely that you have a real generic gem. Then oneday when the right person comes along you can add into the negotiation that the domain has been sitting in Google for some time, has links and is well primed for SEO from here on in.

Which do you reckon would be best? It’s a tough one isn’t it?

If you really think I am talking cack that is up to you. But may I make suggestion? At least put is on a holding page that can be optimized in terms of maximum click outs using something like Taguchi Testing.