SEO Reading List

I have had a few projects that have taken me away from the SEO world more that I would have liked. I am getting those finished off and I have some great plans starting to unfold. Many of which I can’t post about.

Any getting to the point, in this game as it is, you need to read around. It used to be a case of reading at a few select places like WMW, Spider Food, Pandia etc. Well the landscape changed and people got the hump with giving their content away and Blogging started to become the main place to post your nice little tips. Threadwatch was born and was great as Nick managed to find lots of stuff for you, then times changed there it became a bit of and animal pen (fun though) and it died. That left a huge hole.

To fill that hole you need to read around, there are millions of blogs and stuff, but you need to keep the time spent reading down as there would not be enough time to do actual work!

Asking around and talking with mates there are a few that I have on bloglines. I use bloglines as it is nice and clean. I wanted to use Google reader, but that scare the poo out of me, as they would know more about me than they already do.

Apart from some forums (Syndk8, Acorn Domains)and IM here are the mains ones I look at to see what is going on out there. I do check others, just not as regular, plus anything I miss I see hear about or get pinged about it.

Are there any gems I have missed?

Andy Beal’s Good quality read
Bruce ClayA big name from wayback
Dave Naylor Old school SEO and mate, regular posts
fantomNews Cloaking legend but doesn’t post much
Matt Cutts You have to have Matt Cutts
Michael Gray Well respected industry name New on the scene, nice writing style
Paulh Good mate, when he can be arsed good posts
Search Engine Land Well it’s Danny!
SEO BlackHat You need to know the dark side
SEO Aaron, good allrounder
SEO by the SEA Quality stuff and I like the fact that he looks like Dave Grohl / Dave Grolh (Which one is Bill??)
Seth’s Blog Starting reading this after readin “The Dip”
Slightly Shady SEO Dark side stuff again
Stuntdubl I love the strapline
Tropical SEO Recommended by lots including the Squirrel Boys, so on the list

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