Exporting a Profile From WinSCP

Have you ever had to reinstall your system, of course you have! Well one of the most important things is getting profiles back for things like the great SSH package, WinSCP.

Most things are fine but WinSCP is a bit of a bugger to sort. WinSCP has an import option, which is tickety boo if you have file to import! So it would seem logical that an Export option would be available. No, that’s too much to ask.

When you have as many WinSCP SSH profiles that I have it would be a ball ache of biblical proportions to find all those settings.

Well here is a quick guide to doing the task, after al there is no ini file, or something hidden in the windows local data settings.

Go to Start and Run
Type in “RegEdit” in the little box.
Then go to top left and click my computer
Then Click Edit > Find
Now search for “Martin Prikryl” (he must be the dude that made the software)
Then Right click and export the key and contents.
Now copy this file onto your new system
Go to RegEdit again and import the key (File > Import) and locate the file

    May I make one suggestion that when messing with the registry, back that mutha up, as without a working one you could be heading for a reinstall and many hours of fun.

3 Comments on “Exporting a Profile From WinSCP

  1. My pleasure, also my new PC karked it again so I had to do it all again, bleeding things, then I get earache for loaing up Skype due to it’s nodes.

    All fun