Gray Wolf Talking Poo?

I had a post all lined up to talk about “calling people out”, which was inspired by The Wolf, re Seth Godin, but I have scratched that in favour of actually calling someone out.

As the title of this post says, at this point I think Michael Gray is talking shite when he says that bloggers, unless uber big names, should quit blogging as they are just regurgitating the already over blogged about news.

Maybe it is rather nice bit of linkbait, but like every man in the known world, if you see a sign that says “wet paint” you have to touch it, or “hot surface” you have to try it to see if it really is hot.

Well GW says that seo bloggers should step away from the keyboard, here’s why you should not (quick thoughts):

    1. It’s your right to blog, to do whatever you like.
    2. You should not be put off by a killjoy.
    3. You have to start somewhere, if you are serious and passionate about something then don’t let anyone turn you off.
    4. People write in different styles and have different hooks, find your hook and write (if you can be arsed), and some people will prefer your coverage of the same old news. I have canned people from my feed readers because they simply bore me!
    5. Stick to your guns, all the successful people I know have focus and have not deviated from what they wanted to do, even in the face of the nay sayers.
    6. Have fun!
    7. If they don’t like you they can turn your feed off or read somewhere else, so screw em!

      Now here is a disclaimer, I may have just fallen for the link bait, and the reason I have bitten is that I respect GW immensely, always have, so when someone you respect talks poo you need to prod them. 🙂