Search Marketing Agency – You Have Chosen Poorly

Every once and a while you find stuff that large search agencies have done and find yourself wondering how they can get away with doing questionable things.

When I say questionable I mean it can be picked to bits in minutes (well maybe 10’s of minutes)

Imagine my surprise when a mate showed me an email that he had received as part of his alerts system that showed a page with lots of lovely text links to different high profile sites. Well on it’s own not really that harsh, but couple that with another alert about a rather large company, lets call them vacationautos signing up with a fictitious search agency, let’s call them bluelight. Add into the mix how the vacactionautos has recently been seen in a highly prized search space, one it has never been seen in before.

How do we know the links were placed there by the agency? Well the links to all the other client sites is teeny weeny clue, plus a little digging.
The moral of this story if you are a search agency try not to get greedy by thinking you can link to clients in bulk from the same network. If you truly value your clients I think you should NOT shout about having them, if you are good you wont need to say you do SEO for XYZ. There have been a number of mates who have had clients that a handful of people have been able to rip apart their SEO.

If you are a person/org looking for an SEO, then ask lots of questions, make sure they are doing nothing and will admit to it. True enough you cannot control Google so you really have no cast iron guarantees, but you can get some cast iron assurances.

Above all, remember the saying, loose lips sink ships!