Limit entire account total spend in Adwords

Looked around, looked looked looked, but I cannot see any way where you can set a combined daily budgets but then set an account override so that when it reaches a certain figure.

For example, say I never want to spend more that £20K in any one month, but I want to churn to that, but set some daily budgets. That make sense?

Here, let me have another go…. my set daily budgets, lots of them, add up to more than what I want to spend in any one month, but I want it to stop serving ads at a budget limit set by a client. Is there any known way of doing this?

This has been asked for in the past on WMW (check out eWhisper):

This was 2005, so is this feature anywhere to be found, or am I, along with a couple of PPC mates being muppets?



3 Comments on “Limit entire account total spend in Adwords

  1. This is something that has annoyed me for some time. If you ever find out how to do this or if they ever add it, let me know wont you.

    M Burt

  2. There’s no overall monthly cap on the interface. Your daily spend is supposed to be within 10% of your daily budget; over a month, your monthly spend is supposed to reach (say) 31x your daily budget.

    So for a £20/k month cap, you set a daily budget of £645.16.

  3. It’s just a pain, as some campaigns are set to higher values than others, so it would involve me dropping random ones to get to the daily spend so that it lies within my monthly budget…or messing with them all the try and portion the daily spend down.

    Now you know where you have the “spend as much money now” option instead of spreading over the day, why not add a monthly cap as well. This would not take long for the boys and girls at Google. It’s just a pain for me in this situation.