Gambling SEO Job in Spain

If any of you young un’s fancy getting some good experience and working with some top bloke then take a look at this job:

SEO Job Spain

Make no mistake, the two guys you work with will take the piss out of you, in true British style but you will learn lots and be in sunny Spain. I can give you dirt on them both if you get the job, give me a shout and I will advise on how to wind them up.



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3 comments on “Gambling SEO Job in Spain
  1. SEO Person says:

    I’m interested, send me an email, please.

  2. ukgimp says:

    Hello SEO person

    Consider this your first seo challenge, read the post I link to 🙂

    Your move, good luck


  3. Poker SEO says:

    hehe, I like Gambling SEO’s they tend to be interesting folks in general (I know coz I do). In your light hearted “takeing the piss” checkout this dude. Im sure he would be perfect.

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