SEO Myths

I was reading Joost’s blog over the weekend and he was talking about Wiep’s post about Google SEO Mythbusting and I could not help but think about what my PhD supervisor used to give people grief about….statistically sound sampling.

Well this isn’t me being provocative, I don’t know Wiep but Joost does and having met him and read his blog that’s enough for me.

On 1, 2, 3 and 4, how long were they left, how many sites were these tried on, one single site does not maketh a fact :-). So each theory does not have enough data to be conclusive, or maybe it does, but those figures were not included.
With respect to the Adsense and indexing, many moons ago, it was the first thing that we did on large scale sites to get Mediabot looking. Then the speculation that it would be silly for MediaBot NOT to index the main index came about. I always thought this was a very good possibility which was why I never cloaked pages with Adsense and I could not be bothered with full IP cloaking. And of course:

AdSense mediapartners bot adding to the Google search index

Anyway, just my thoughs.



5 Comments on “SEO Myths

  1. Hehe, you’re absolutely and totally right 😉 Just wanted to drop a link to a friend who’s been trying hard, I DON’T think it’s statistically solid 😛

    As for adsense bot, i think adsense bot and googlebot both spider for both purposes because of this throttling system of theirs which Matt explained on his blog once, but as you know as well, spidering and indexing are two different things… If you feel like doing a more complete test of this together with me, drop me a line!

  2. Joost, thanks for dropping by. I would love to test more, but time is an issue, but I do like people who test, test, test, so hast off to Wiep on that one.

  3. Heh, I wish that was true, because that would mean I’d finally had some spare time… That time issue is also the main reason why I only did a single test and didn’t make it statistically solid 😉