SEO Roadshow Copenhagen You Missed a Good un

Well all over for another year, and if you were not able to make it this time, or as one person did not realise your passport was out of date, what the freak is wrong with you, get it sorted chief!!! 🙂

The Venue

The venue was something else, after driving through one of the most expensive areas of Copenhagen we ended up at a scene from Mad Max, which for me seemed to be a worry for my taxi driver, but hark a sign, “this is the place, let me out”


So after a little bit of mooching around, you can find what reports to be a lift, a few seconds later after taking the plunge and ignoring the worrying grinding sound I arrived at the top floor and was greated with some great graffiti, free cold Tuborg and a bunch of old and new faces.


The Faces

As always the SEO Roadshow brings together a stunning range of SEO names and good mates. I am sure we would get arrested if we all went out in public during the day!





The Finale

Well Copenhagen was unseasonally warm, with no real clouds the whole week I was there. So to recap, good people, good food, good venue, good company, good location, basically, a good un!

Thanks due to the vikings for sorting the whole gig, your efforts were appreciated.


2 Comments on “SEO Roadshow Copenhagen You Missed a Good un

  1. Nice write up Gimp! 🙂 It was good one this time, wasen’t it?

    We appreciate all the good folks coming all the way to Copenhagen to enjoy a nice warm afternoon in our lovely city. We was a bit scared that the neighbourhood would suck up some of the SEOs and leave them un-seen for years. As far as I know that didn’t happen 😉

    I’m already looking forward to the next one!

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