Your Sales Letter Sucks

When I type on here it is sometime with haste and quite often with a lack of precision, much to my girlfriend’s annoyance ( I am sure I got that apostrophe wrong). My failures are inconsequential compared to an actual sales letter we received recently for our property business.

I have blanked out the errors to protect the stupid (and me getting in the poo 🙂 )

Just to give you an idea I don’t live in Scot Coldfield (Remember I bought from them so they know where I live) and my name is Not Mr Raza, nor that of my other half.

The moral of the story is, if you are going to spend lots of hard earned on a direct marketing campaign then at least check it. This one I got looked like it was penned by someone with a very bad grasp of English, littered with errors which makes me think the company must have the same lack of attention to detail.


One comment on “Your Sales Letter Sucks
  1. DavetheRave says:

    Haha. Some people just simply dont have a clue. 1 error is careless, that many is plain bad.

    tut tut tut