Wheel Of Life

Ok some may think this is a bit gay, but to them thar nay sayers.. I say “bollocks”.

The wheel of life was described to me last week and that same day I went to the pub (great excuse 🙂 ) to start my ‘wheel of life’.

The process is not very difficult and does not need to be made very complex. By doing it you can see which parts of your life are not as you would like them, and you then set small goals to make each of the areas of your life that much better.

This is how you do your wheel of life (and in turn set goals, feel more confident about negative areas etc etc)

1. Draw a large cross on a page and from the centre outwards on each spoke make ten little marks. Now draw another cross in between the other lines, (45 degrees). For the hard of learning, see completed, made up image below.

2. Create 8 categories that you feel are important to you and assign one to each spoke.

3. Score each of those in a gut feeling type of way out of 10, with one being “I look awful” and ten being “as happy as a pig in shi…“.

4. Make some brief notes for each spoke, then in detail write down the things that would make that a 10, making the negatives a positive. For example, instead of saying “Never feel lethargic” write “Always feel energetic”, subtle difference but it it works. You will find many things seem to fall in multiple categories (or at least I did)

5. Now you have your list, write a action plan to move each of your scores upwards towards the outside of the wheel. Be specific, these are your life goals, there are likely to be lots and lots.

6. Go do some of the things each day, that should be easier as you now know what it needed as opposed to knowing that something (god know what) is needing to be done.

I hope it works for you, but go on give it a go!