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Wimbledon and the Rain and Looking the Wrong Way

This came my way today, so I thought I would share, it made me smile. I think this chap will regret not ogling hehe

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Triple Monitor Setup

it’s simple really, you cant go back, moved from a two screen to a 3. There was a reason for the wide aspect ratio in the middle 😉

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Lazerzubb has a Blog

Remember that name from the past, you know the man….Lazerzubb wmw profile. Well word on the street is that he has entered the world of having and running a blog. If you dont know the name or the person I

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Resetting MySql Root Password

Have you ever been in a position where you have lost or been presented with the loss of the mysql root password. Oh yes, much fun and this happened when someone in authority needed mysql access. We I tried the

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Exporting a Profile From WinSCP

Have you ever had to reinstall your system, of course you have! Well one of the most important things is getting profiles back for things like the great SSH package, WinSCP. Most things are fine but WinSCP is a bit

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SEO Roadshow Copenhagen You Missed a Good un

Well all over for another year, and if you were not able to make it this time, or as one person did not realise your passport was out of date, what the freak is wrong with you, get it sorted

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Christ Not Another Search Blog!

Well hopefully this can be made to be a little different, different in that I am going to make the focus interview type sessions with prominent people in the search world. I have a few in the offing already so

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