OK, we all check our logs, but just out of interest and for a laugh what is your strangest actual referral string in recent times.

Found one in passing today that got me thinking:

When did birdseye change the name of chicken nuggets to dippers?

At the time of writing, this was a #2 spot.

So go on, if you can be bothered tell me your weirdest referrals.



Until wordpress can sort out the way they deal with categories they will never be able to handle the sort of sites people really need. The way categories are handled is fine if you only have a few. But if you have a need for multiple and several depths of categories, for example Countries > Counties > Towns without the system dying in the process they just don’t cut it!

There are two main problems, the first is the front end. When, as I did the other week write a little script to import UK counties and towns (about 2700 nested in various numbers) it nearly croaked my dev box, as it tries to display all of the categories. Now before you jump in my face saying write a “show only child plugin”, I started that, but then came the second round of pain.

That pain came in the form the way the categories and posts are handled in the admin. That’s right, when editing a post or getting someone to add articles for you based on your hierarchy the system tries to nest them all, in those little tick boxes, see below.

Now this system, unlike the front end didn’t nearly croak my system, it gave it the biggest hiding of it’s poor life (apart from other dodgy scripts of mine :-)). The problem with stuff in the admin, is it can’t really be frigged with as it is the sort of thing that will get overwritten during an update.

So come on WordPress, allow us to have 1000’s of categories and make the world a better place?

A company boss whose personal details were put on Facebook under a fake entry has begun a landmark claim for damages.

A false profile of Mathew Firsht was entered on the social networking website with his name and date of birth, incorrectly stating he was signed up to gay groups.

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Personally I think it is super easy to do this sort of stuff, I do fear for the spammers who have been using profile building bots to make thousands of fake profiles. Lets hope they cover their tracks, this is getting heavy (if you have ever been through those doors you know how serious it can be).

About time really. I don’t trust anyone on there. It is definitely “buyer beware”. But then if you really think you can get a Luis Vuitton bag for £3 you are a bit of a muppet anyway.

Ebay Fined £30M for fake goods

I use a Gmail a lot and quite often I send myself lots of information as it makes a nice central storage point for wherever I will be.

It can be quite annoying though when you have loads of unread emails, which can be pretty off-putting. Gmail only seems to allow you to select emails with a tick box and then set a read. Well that is fine if you don’t have thousands of unread emails!

To set all emails as read in Gmail, simply do the following:

  1. Type the following into the Gmail search box “is:unread”
  2. Select the  “All” link below the “archive” button
  3. Click the link that says “Select all conversations that match this search”
  4. Select the  “Mark All as Read” from the drop down box

Hope that helps

It’s now official…..

SEO Roadshow 2008 is a go project

Miss it (unless you have real reasons) and you are a tool!

See you there, can’t wait.


There has been a lot of talk about closed groups and the opening up of brand bidding. Many, including mate Doug Scott have been getting their truncheons in a turmoil.

If you don’t know what sanctioned brand bidding is, it is where merchants allow you to bid on their brand terms. eg :


What is different about closed groups is the old school network aproach where a merchant invites closed groups only to bid on brand type terms. The argument is that people in these groups will only do the basics, why bother doing any more there is no competition (never minid the affiliates with decent sites who are now having their cookies overwritten even though they built real traffic).

Anyway to cut a long story short, i got an email of DGM today about Icebuyer

“Icebuyer will be giving one affiliate the rights to bid on the brand name ‘Icebuyer’, and on this term and generic terms link directly through to the Icebuyer website, using the domain name www.icebuyer.co.uk. This privilege will be awarded to the affiliate that drives the most valid sales over the period from launch until 30 June 2008.”

That last line is a step in the right direction. So now an affiliate who drives traffic will be rewarded, not just part of the old boys network.

I am still on the fence on this one, but that’s because it wont shaft anything I do really.

Good work Icubuyer for going this route you will piss off less people this way.

OK OK, I know if a real hacker wants access to your box with your little wordpress site on it, it is curtains, but there are many things you can do to make it a little more difficult, especially for script kiddies
who can do a lot of damage.

There is a blog that I read, and I urge more of you to read it too.

It is the Hacker Webzine

Recently two posts have really caught my eye. Normally I try to preach good practice in code sanitasation and generally protecting yourself when it come to Google but the Hacker Webzine have recently covered checking for update / hacked files and more recently using htaccess as a webapplication firewall.

Red Bull win the battle over redbullsucks.com and make Carl Gamel have to hand it over to them.

This is an interesting result especially in the hotting up sector of reputation management.

“Thus, the Panel concludes that a domain name is ‘identical or confusingly similar’ to a trademark for purposes of the Policy when the domain name includes the trademark, or a confusingly similar approximation, regardless of the other terms in the domain name. In other words, the issue under the first factor is not whether the domain name causes confusion as to source (a factor more appropriately considered in connection with the legitimacy of interest and bad faith factors), but instead whether the mark and domain name, when directly compared, have confusing similarity,”

To read where the story broke try Out Law

To view the full WIPO ruling click this that link WIPO Ruling

It’s been an eon since I promised myself to get this Keyword Density Analyser up and running.

Take a look at the options available from only including certain tags in the mix and adding your own stopwords.

It does not look the prettiest in terms of columns, but it is a fine bit of programming. A fine bit of programming I cannot take credit for. For that you will have to look to Brotherhood of Lan.

Try it here >> KWDA