JasonD’s New Blog – Jason’s Shell

Well I am sure you all know JasonD or have seen him about, if not check out an interview I did with him a while back ….JasonD Interview. Anyway Jason now has a blog of sorts. Weird mental colours and

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Method for detecting link spam in hyperlinked databases Google Patent Analysis

Oh, happy day, Google have been granted a patent on web link spam.  Right, Bill may say it better, and may even look over the maths, but in very rough terms, I think the patent says this : A site

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When Menus Go Bad

I was eating out in Enfield, or somewhere near there and found the most unusual constituent of a recipe. I had to steal it to show it online. Please remember this is an actual menu in an English speaking country.

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Google Blocking ALL questionable content…or big fuck up?

Whilst checking over some questionable sites of mine earlier I found that Google were not allowing me to get to them, coupled with a nice server error that stopped me actually choosing to get the site. Take a look: Dogging

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Martin Schaedel Dies – Sad News

Those of you who have been around for a while will likely remember Martin Schaedel, aka lazerzubb. Sad news, is that he died in a plane crash. The dude was ahead of his years, he was a bit of a

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Business Ideas and Inspiration

I don’t have a lot of time on my hands with all the is going on my end, but I still love to look for new ideas and inspiration…..even if 99% of the time I do FA with the idea.

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SEO Roadshow Limerick 2008

After a quick reconnaissance earlier in the year by Me, Paul and Colin, which was really an excuse to get pissed up in Ireland we decided to leave the main arrangements to Colin to sort, as he is so damn

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Wheel Of Life

Ok some may think this is a bit gay, but to them thar nay sayers.. I say “bollocks”. The wheel of life was described to me last week and that same day I went to the pub (great excuse 🙂

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Google Showing Athens 2004 Medal Tally

Medal Tally Olympics For me at this time there are some “news” results in #1 and #2 is 2. Full Medal Tally. Results. Athens Olympics 2004. ABC Sport. Medal Tally Live Results from the Athens Olympics. ABC Sport. www.abc.net.au/olympics/2004/results/medaltally.htm –

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Follow Me on #hitter or is it Twitter?

I really dont get this one. Now it has become a test of will, to never sign in again: Twitter/#hitter

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