Manchester SEO Meetup May 2013

I was fortunate enough to be at a recent SEO meeting, we had a few people travel some distance to get to us. The Vikings from Copenhagen, Ralph from Malta and Irish Wonder from the Ukraine as well as some

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ukgimp – Keyword Density Analyser

I decided to load it up again, it disappeared some time ago. Check it out >> Keyword Density Analyser Let me know what you think. This was a old tool developed by a friend, BOL.

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Bulk DNS Update on 123 reg

Well almost. If like me and you have ever been a muppet and not updated loads of DNS’s and a server has moved then you need to quickly update a shed load load of IP’s on the woefully slow 123-reg

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Securing WordPress Installation

Whilst this might be like sticking my head above the parapet and asking for trouble there are some simple steps that you can take to make it harder for your WordPress installation to get hacked. 1. Lock down your wp-admin

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Election Tip: Never Queue Again

If like me you hate queues and have zero patience and you want to avoid standing around like a muppet as the local council have not employed enough people then register for a postal vote. You don’t actually have to

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Slutty Google Serps

Came by thise recently from a good mate PaulH Just in case it disappears as I am sure it will sreenshot below:

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First Search Consultancy Silence ukgimp

It is with regret that I have had to remove a post that I made about First Search Consultancy who cold called me and I wrote about what was said to me, quite a bit of which was incorrect and

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Asshat SEOs Email and Form Spamming

I find myself get lots of what can only be described as asshole SEO’s who are basically preying on the the uneducated. A lot of them come from webforms also. Here is one of many examples: Name: BeckyJack Country:USA

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Your Sales Letter Sucks

When I type on here it is sometime with haste and quite often with a lack of precision, much to my girlfriend’s annoyance ( I am sure I got that apostrophe wrong). My failures are inconsequential compared to an actual

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Tips When Engaging Web Developers and Other Procedures

Code Commenting All code should have more commenting within it than actually needed.  Some coders will moan but screw them. You need to be able to get other people to be able to understand the workings of whatever you have

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